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Matti Martin
Wen Designer

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[SAMBWA] was very thorough to understand our need and to document the outcomes... [SAMBWA] takes initiative, follows protocol and is conscientious in all that he undertakes. [SAMBWA] is a fantastic person ... and we would highly recommend him to anyone.
David Coss Finance Liberation

I would recommend [SAMBWA] to any one ... he is competent and able to solve technical problems with reliability. ...excellent problem solving skills.
Breadon Mead

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Lead Engineer - Sam Boychuk
Tanjung Malim, MALAYSIA

Administrative Assistant - Annie Boychuk
Tanjung Malim, MALAYSIA (5 projects with SAMBWA)

Preferred Contractor - Wen Designer
Brisbane, AUSTRALIA (3 projects with SAMBWA)
Work examples: 1, 2

Preferred Contractor - Jacob Grossman
Wellington, NEW ZEALAND (2 projects with SAMBWA)
Work examples: 1, 2

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