Our projects are consistently priced at 45-65% less than Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and American competitors. We have decades of experience in the West while operating in the Southeast Asia. Why pay top dollar for your next project when you can get proven results for a fraction of the cost. Whatever your next project is, ask SAMBWA to contact you and discuss how we can help today.

Apps We've Created (or helped create)

Be My Protector
Research: The 102

Sites We've Created (including the product )

Matti Martin
Wen Designer

Third Party / Open Source


[SAMBWA] did our Be My Protector App and all I can say is... he is a genius at his work. Multi-talented, Innovative and Creative. He will go all out to create what you dream of having and research things that he may not have done before and learn it from scratch and to our amazement he makes it happen! That is why I call him a genius. Thank you Sam for making our dream come true.
Kelvin Lim

[SAMBWA] was very thorough to understand our need and to document the outcomes... [SAMBWA] takes initiative, follows protocol and is conscientious in all that he undertakes. [SAMBWA] is a fantastic person ... and we would highly recommend him to anyone.
David Coss Finance Liberation

I would recommend [SAMBWA] to any one ... he is competent and able to solve technical problems with reliability. ...excellent problem solving skills.
Breadon Mead

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Our Team

Lead Engineer - Sam Boychuk
Tanjung Malim, MALAYSIA

Administrative Assistant - Annie Boychuk
Tanjung Malim, MALAYSIA (5 projects with SAMBWA)

Preferred Contractor - Wen Designer
Brisbane, AUSTRALIA (3 projects with SAMBWA)
Work examples: 1, 2

Preferred Contractor - Jacob Grossman
Wellington, NEW ZEALAND (2 projects with SAMBWA)
Work examples: 1, 2

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